Active Therapeutic Movement

The Active Therapeutic Movement concept uses the ATM2 (a typeATM2pic3-e1354216785575 (2) of specially engineered rehab equipment) in order to improve a patient’s movement and to make their painful movements pain-free.

With the ATM2, we use a series of belts to compress and stabilize the painful area. Unlike any other device, however, these belts are also used to re-position the spine and pelvis into a specific posture that immediately relieves the pain.

Once a pain-free position has been achieved, specific isometric exercises are used to re-teach your nervous system how to hold and move your spine with that same pain-free posture. An immediate improvement in pain and movement is usually observed, often restoring normal function.

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Our patients say it best!

"I have been thrilled by the recovery times of our athletes due to Dr. Lassiter’s treatments. If you need to recover from any injury, do what the Rams do, call Dr. Milan Lassiter.”
EDDIE BENION, Assistant Athletic Director at VCU