McKenzie Physical Therapy Table

McKenzie REPEX Physical Therapy Table

McKenzie REPEX Physical Therapy Table

The REPEX (Repeated End-range Passive EXercise) physical therapy table was designed by Robin McKenzie, a famous Physical Therapist from New Zealand who developed the “McKenzie exercises” for back pain relief.  This effective table is not available anywhere else in Richmond.

Whereas the McKenzie exercises can prove to be very tiring for someone with low back pain, the McKenzie REPEX physical therapy table was designed to exercise the low back passively (the patient lies comfortably while the table does the work for them).

The McKenzie REPEX physical therapy treatment speeds up the repair process, reduces back pain, and improves range of motion that has been lost at the damaged area of the spine. To see a more in-depth description of this therapy, click here.


Our patients say it best!

"I have been thrilled by the recovery times of our athletes due to Dr. Lassiter’s treatments. If you need to recover from any injury, do what the Rams do, call Dr. Milan Lassiter.”
EDDIE BENION, Assistant Athletic Director at VCU