Eddie Benion VCU

Eddie Benion with VCU basketball coach Shaka Smart

Dr. Lassiter as the chiropractor for all of VCU athletics

“There is no one that cares about the health of our student athletes more than my staff.  That’s why we have partnered with Dr. Milan Lassiter of the Spine and Extremity Center.  

I have been thrilled by the recovery times of our athletes due to Dr. Lassiter’s treatments, including High-powered Class IV Laser therapy and manual therapies, which include Active Release Technique (ART), dry needling, and chiropractic adjustments. If you need to recover from any injury, do what the Rams do, call Dr. Milan Lassiter.”      

                                – EDDIE BENION, Assistant Athletic Director at VCU



I had seen many doctors for back pain and been told that, although I had herniated discs, the condition was not yet bad enough for surgery.  Physical therapy had yielded only partial and temporary relief.  Chronic pain was limiting or preventing my daily activities and also preventing me from sleeping, even with pain medication.

Spinal decompression changed all of that.  Although I have to admit that I was skeptical at first about the treatment, I could not have been more pleased with the outcome.  The procedure has yielded amazing results for me.  I can shop, do yard-work, and many other things that were impossible for me to do before.



Maymont 8 Miler 2“I’m an avid runner – it is more than a sport, it’s a part of my life and overall wellbeing. When I was diagnosed with a herniated disc and told that I should give up running, I was floored. I would continue to run, but the pain was unbearable afterwards. I stopped running and received two epidurals, but the pain returned within a month. I was headed towards surgery, unhappily. Surgery always has risks, and the recuperation time following can be long-lasting and painful. I wanted to explore other options. 

I went to Dr. Lassiter looking for a way to manage the pain, but came out with a strong healthy back. His mix of decompression and soft-tissue therapies allowed my body to heal and, for me, actually repair the damaged disc.

Dr. Lassiter’s demeanor puts you at ease. I felt excited and hopeful when he said ‘there’s no reason to give up running, just tone it down.’  With Dr. Lassiter’s work, I have been able to not only return to running, but thrived beyond my previous running ability. I am currently training to compete in my second marathon this fall and my first ultra-marathon (50 kilometers/31 miles) next spring.”              



After an auto accident, I suffered from severe neck pain.  For months it was shooting down my neck and into my shoulder.

I heard about non-surgical disc decompression, began treatment, and started to feel results soon after getting under care. I’ve noticed results after each treatment.  I am now at a level of no pain and feeling fine.

This procedure is painless and a great alternative to surgery, which I hear is expensive and has a long recovery process.”




IMG_0228-001“I had severe pain, swelling and numbness in my right arm for 4 years.  I was a right-handed person who was being forced to become left-handed because of the pain.  The pain started in my hand, worked its way to my elbow, and even as far as my shoulder.  I had x-rays, an MRI, and blood work performed…nothing showed up.  For 4 years I tried prescription medication, physical therapy, and saw a number of orthopedists; No one could figure out what was wrong.  

Thankfully I found Dr. Lassiter.  He did Active Release Technique and Graston therapy, along with Kinesio Taping, until I was symptom-free.  The following year, the pain started to come back from playing soccer and Dr. Lassiter’s techniques have helped my arm to become symptom-free again within a few treatments.  I have not only had success with these techniques on my arm, but also on my legs.  I have had 2 severe bone bruises during my years of playing soccer and the one treated by Dr. Lassiter healed twice as fast as the one that wasn’t.  I have full confidence in Dr. Lassiter and the techniques he uses, so much so that I followed him to Richmond when he moved from Fredericksburg, which is an hour away and where I still live.”  




I had back pain that was so severe, I could hardly walk.  I couldn’t turn in my sleep without waking up in pain or even ride in a car.  I considered pain management, but that did not answer the question of how to eliminate the cause of the pain.  I went to physical therapy, which gave me some relief, but I still had the pain down my leg.  I decided surgery was not an option for me.

The decompression procedure made perfect sense to me.  After the first treatment, I was actually able to stand without constant pain down my leg.

I have and will continue to recommend this treatment to anyone with disc problems.



feb18th20122“Dr. Lassiter and Graston Technique got me back in the game!  By far the most debilitating injury I’ve had occurred two years ago, when I severely strained my abdominals leg pressing 1,080 lbs. I went to a sports medicine clinic and after receiving an ultrasound and an MRI, I was told to take 2 weeks away from the gym and then I should be fine. It took 6 months before I could lift even small dumbbells for basic exercises.  Then, while 10 weeks out from a bodybuilding competition, I strained my midsection again.  I was sure there wouldn’t be any chance for me to compete and that I’d probably need to stay out of the gym altogether.

Dr. Lassiter immediately started me on Graston technique and used kinesio tape to support the area between treatments. Within two weeks I was back into the gym and within four I was doing everything I had before my recent strain. Dr. Lassiter kept me pain-free and I was able to train hard all the way up to my contest, which I won! I am extremely grateful for all the help I received at the Spine & Extremity Center and have referred many clients there since.”    

–DEREK TRESIZE     *See Derek’s wesite about natural fitness and vegan nutrition @ veganmuscleandfitness.com


I could not sit for more than 8 minutes at a time.  I was on three different pain medications, which dulled my senses.  My life had changed because of intolerable pain in my back and down my leg.

I had been through 2 epidurals and my Orthopedic Surgeon said surgery was necessary.  I was scared and needed an alternative.

I started my regiment of decompression therapy and within a few weeks the pain was gone; so were the medications.  I want to strongly recommend Dr. Lassiter and his disc decompression therapy to anyone suffering from back pain.  I feel like it has saved my life and I will forever be grateful.



Over 20 years ago I was in a serious auto accident that resulted in 2 lower back surgeries.  My life had gone from being extremely athletic to having very little activity and being very depressed.  After my second surgery failed, I decided to get under decompression therapy rather than having a third surgery.

After undergoing non-surgical disc decompression, my physical condition is the best it has been since before my accident.  I strongly recommend Dr. Lassiter’s program to anyone with chronic back pain who may be thinking of having surgery.”



About 3 years ago I decided to become an amateur bodybuilder, training about 90 minutes per day.  During my first year of training, I felt a “pop” in my shoulder, which left my shoulder in a lot of pain and with restricted movement.  I saw both an orthopedist and a sports specialist doctor who took x-rays and did a lot of tests, but found “nothing wrong.”  They told me to take time off and use lighter weight.

When I brought up the continual pain and clicking that I still had in my shoulder, Dr. Lassiter took out some metal Graston instruments (which made me nervous at first).  After just 2 sessions of the Graston Technique, the pain and clicking had diminished exponentially and strength was increasing in all my pressing lifts.  I was astonished that 2 years of suffering had been diminished in 2 weeks!

I continue to see Dr. Lassiter who works on the many troubled areas I often acquire from training so hard. I believe the work of Dr. Lassiter has enabled me to train to my potential.”



“Prior to being treated at the Spine & Extremity Center, I had run the gamut of treatments for over 20 years, from steroid injections to physical therapy to anti-inflammatory drugs.  The pain that I had come to tolerate had such an impact on my quality of life that I had made an appointment to have my right sacroiliac joint fused by a surgeon. Fortunately, my wife had been to see you regarding a neck problem and suggested I see you.

To say I was apprehensive is an understatement, as I had spent thousands of dollars on chiropractic care with very little results.  Long story short, combining the Graston method along with the disc decompression therapy has changed my life.

Being an avid golfer, the inability to shift and load was not only hurting my scores, but the pain was intolerable. I’m a born skeptic and was a bit apprehensive about your techniques, but I am now pain-free and no longer deal with the chronic pain that several doctors had told me I would just have to learn to live with.

I am very thankful for your treatments and have recommended your practice to several of my friends.”




“Dr. Milan Lassiter is the specialist to see in Richmond for sports Injury rehabilitation.  He really takes the time to get to know his patients at a very personal level, while providing unparalleled expertise in a wide array of services.

I suffered a freak injury playing flag football in 2007 that resulted in some muscular damage from my rib cage to my right knee. I was left with a significant amount of scar tissue in my right leg, while still experiencing quite a bit of pain during almost every run.  Having ran competitively in high school and college, I was no stranger to pains while running, but I eventually just got tired of not getting any better.

After researching the best chiropractors and physical therapists in the area, I gave Dr. Lassiter a call.  I met with him later that same day, and he quickly helped me define a personalized rehabilitation plan.  My particular plan included a heavy dose of the Graston Technique supplemented with Active Release Technique, KinesioTaping, and general Chiropractic care.  I am happy to say that through these treatments, I was able to achieve my fitness goals for the year without incurring any setbacks.”



I’ve seen numerous chiropractors over the years, and have gotten more relief from Dr. Lassiter in less than two months than I did with all the rest put together, and certainly more than I’ve gotten from even the best orthopedists who are so handcuffed in their practice by the insurance companies. I have multiple problem areas, the worst in my back and hip, due to very old injuries that limited my range of motion and made exercising or even just stretching painful. My back pain interrupted my sleep on a regular basis. I came to Dr. Lassiter determined to somehow get back on an exercise regimen, and he has helped me regain flexibility and reduce pain to the point where I have been able to start working out regularly and am fast approaching the weight and activity level I was at approximately 16+ years ago. I’m much more comfortable in my body now, both exercising and at rest. Dr. Lassiter utilizes therapeutic techniques that many chiros in this area are either underusing or are not yet familiar with. Using both spinal decompression and the Graston technique, he has made real breakthroughs for me faster than I could have hoped. If you have soft tissue problems, this is the man to see. He is also a good listener and is kind and attentive to his patient’s needs and comfort levels. I can’t recommend him highly enough, especially if you have been spinning your wheels with other therapies.

- SPUD CHICK (review left on Google review)


Dr. Lassiter is the most innovative and results-oriented chiropractor I’ve ever met, and I’ve tried several over the years. I was impressed by his quick and thorough grasp of the mechanics involved in my issues, his clear explanations, and the techniques he uses to address problem areas. He’s already helped me in a short time and I feel very optimistic about ongoing treatments. If you have tried chiro before and haven’t had much success, especially if you have soft tissue problems in the mix, give him a try!

-GB (testimonial was left on the internet)


The treatments I received were exactly what I needed to address my injury and the service was exceptional. Dr. Lassiter was very informative, walking me through every step of the process, from diagnosis, to treatment, and to stretches and maintenance following the final session. I would definitely recommend his practice.

-Testimonial left on the internet on May 03, 2013



I contacted Dr. Lassiter after I had a nasty fracture in my knee last year that required surgery and extensive rehab. In addition to the break, I had extensive soft tissue damage in the rear of the knee that PT was not helping to resolve. Dr. Lassiter introduced me to the Graston technique to help out specifically these kinds of injuries and the pace at which I improved accelerated SIGNIFICANTLY after I began working with him. He also employed other techniques like kinesio taping and active release therapy that made an incredible difference and got me back to walking again much faster than my surgeon had originally thought. Combined with the fact he is a pretty hip dude and great musician, I look forward each time I get to visit his practice and have recommended him to numerous friends and colleagues.

-Adam H. testimonial left on Yelp.com on Dec. 6, 2013