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Myofascial Therapy In Our Office…A Massage or Something Different?

Personally written by Dr. Milan Lassiter, Chiropractor, 1303 W. Main St., Richmond, VA, Tel #: (804) 254-5765   I am not a massage therapist, although I greatly respect and appreciate the work that massage therapists do. I am a chiropractor in Richmond, VA, who has been in practice for about 15 years. In chiropractic college,

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Part II: Chiropractic Care for A Better Quality of Health

Written by Dr. Milan Lassiter, Chiropractor, 1303 W. Main St, Richmond, VA 23220  (804) 254-5765 This is a follow-up to the previous blog (click to read it), Forks in the Road; Choices of Two Friends.  The synopsis of the previous blog is that if you’re making bad decisions in one area with your health choices,

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PART I: Forks in the Road

This is a fictitious story about two friends, Ned and Heath (you can keep the names straight during the story by thinking Heath=Health) Written by Milan Lassiter, Chiropractor, Richmond, VA Ned and Heath grew up as best friends. They were inseparable and played sports together growing up. They were both popular, thin, healthy, and athletic. After high

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Our patients say it best!

"I have been thrilled by the recovery times of our athletes due to Dr. Lassiter’s treatments. If you need to recover from any injury, do what the Rams do, call Dr. Milan Lassiter.”
EDDIE BENION, Assistant Athletic Director at VCU